Radio31 was initially instituted as another platform to share the gospel of Christ through the airwaves for a local parish in Aberdeen (The Fountain of Love Church).  The primary goal is to share a word of encouragement with someone who needs it and when they need it most.

This objective, within the context of the wider community – is what has informed its growth and expansion to morph into a community based radio station, which would enjoy the participation of the members of local parishes, and the wider community.

As a station, we would like to redefine media from being just a passive information-sharing medium to one that focuses on improving the lives of people right from the family unit; through the content of the message it shares.

At Radio31, we are committed to bringing you a 24/7 transmission; courtesy of our team of creative and resourceful presenters who are primarily volunteers. These include sessions of life-transforming messages by established men and women of God, knowledge sharing sessions by seasoned experts on health, relationships, career and daily-living, and non-stop contemporary Christian music.

At Radio31, we want everyone who tunes in to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in a language and form they understand.

Welcome to our world- bringing good news all day every day!

About Us - Radio31

Why Radio31

The station was named Radio31 i.e. inspired by the concept of three-in-one in relation to the Holy Trinity – The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Coincidentally, the number ‘31’ happens to be the building number of one of its host parishes – the Fountain of Love Church.


To be the preferred radio station for gospel entertainment and life changing messages.


  • The primary objective of this radio station is to reach out to the world through the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to give someone a life changing message.
  • To reach the world with soul-lifting contemporary gospel music as well as inform on news and developments in its host community Aberdeen city and the world at large.
  • To produce original and inspiring chat shows and a host of messages from seasoned minsters of God.
  • To support our immediate community in areas which align with our vision.
  • To provide biblical guidance to strengthen family relationships.