Promotions and Advertisements

Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner looking for the opportunity to increase public awareness of your product offerings and services? Or maybe you are looking to promote your events, special programmes or new music ‐ Radio31 is the platform you need! At Radio31 we are here to help position your businesses and events in their rightful places ‐ at the very top and the fore of people’s minds.



Social Media Packages

Radio31 has a constantly growing network on its social media platforms with unique audiences in various countries around the world so whoever your audience is, we’re able to get them to be aware of your products, services or events. We will also work hand-in-hand with you to ensure we’re using the most effective means for you from all our platforms

Plan R31A
1 post each on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter (Validity 7days) £20
2 posts each on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter (Validity 14days) £40

Plan R31B
6 Posts each on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter (Validity 30days) £100

On-Air Advertisement

Radio31 has since inception been listened to in well over 60 countries around all continents, what this means is there is no limit to where your brand, product offerings or services can reach. We have an optional package and a full package of producing an excellent campaign for your business, event or promotion, the choice is yours! Contact the Radio31 commercial team today on and we will be happy to work out the most suitable plan for your campaign