Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my new blog.

I have moved all the old content from blogger to this site, and will be posting here from now on. Blogger is a more newbie friendly site, and I am still learning the basics of wordpress, but I already hope to get this to look more professional, and more me, in future.

I am very excited to share this very first post with you, and give a sneak peak into all the new stuff I have planned for me, and you. A few things will not change: I will still be writing about travel, first dates, nature, God, and other fiction and non-fiction. In addition, I hope to do book reviews, and write about my love for running and the many gifts running has given me, including photography.

The aim is to share knowledge and Joy (I know), one post at a time. So, tell a friend to tell a friend that Sophia got a makeover, and a new name. She even moved house, and is now a member of fitfam, and she is back!

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